Jealous Spirit

by Fred & The Genius AHAYAH

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A lot of brothers who teach the truth, go through a lot because people tend to get jealous of the gifts the Most High has given them. Myself included. All we are doing is feeding the flock like the Heavenly Father put in our spirits to do. So I REBUKE that jealous spirit.


I rebuke that buke that, Jealous Spirit hey, people be jealous of the gifts that, the Most High gave ya, they really be envious, I rebuke that buke that, Jealous Spirit hey, your doing work trying to teach the truth, but some people be envious, of the gifts that the Most High gave ya.


released August 17, 2016
Music Produced by DJ Slice, Song written and arranged by Fred & The Genius AHAYA. Recorded at AHAYAH RECORDS.



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